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Solids Control and Waste Management is the process of managing, treating and disposing of waste generate during the drilling a well in particular cuttings and drilling fluid (mud). Depending on the mud system used waste generated can be highly toxic. Appropriate Solids Control and Waste Management practices can significantly lower the amount of waste and its toxicity as well as the negative effects waste can have on the well and down-hole equipment. In general, the waste management strategy is stage ladder process, whereby reducing the waste at its source is the first option, followed by recycling, and finally treatment and disposal. The subcategory consists of two major areas: 1) Solids collection and control and 2) Waste Treatment and Disposal.

Clear Environmental Energy Service offer both DE Filter Press Solutions and Twin Pod Systems ,also the supply of Filter Cartridges and DE products

Clear Environmental Energy Service offer a specialist range of de-watering solutions from Chemical treatment of fluids to Centrifuging and pressing of muds and sludges.

Clear Environmental Energy Service offer a mechanical process whereby we can Stabilise and Encapsulate drill cuttings and centrate to minimise leaching of harmful chemicals and minerals to the environment . The treated Encapsulated materials can then be disposed of to Landfill or re-used as backfill material for new well pads or haul roads.

Clear Environmental Energy Service offer a bespoke solution for the treatment and processing of Drilling Slop waste and Production Sludge waste and have conducted various projects throughout Africa and Europe working closely with chemical suppliers to provide the best cost-effective solutions for our clients with mobile and static assets.

Clear Environmental Energy Service can offer complete thermal processing and disposal solutions for the treatment and Recovery of Base Oil from Oil Based Drilling Fluids and Sludges.

Clear Environmental Energy Service can offer complete Cuttings Re-Injection service including the initial Slurrification and Classification of the media to be Injected into the formation, we are also experienced in the management and maintenance of Injection Wells and can perform Well Bore Maintenance, Acid Pumping and Anti-Bacterial Treatments when required.

Clear Environmental Energy Service offers a dedicated department for Industrial Cleaning and Services.

We specialise in the Cleaning and De-Greasing of plant and equipment and their associated accessories from Heavy Plant to Land based Rigs and Drill Pipe and Casing cleaning our washing systems range from HP 1500psi to UHP 60000psi equipment. We can also supply water recycling package so as to minimise environmental impact and containment systems

Clear Environmental Energy Service has full mobile workshop facilities which can be mobilised to client locations for the purpose of installation welding and fabrication.

Our staff are certified Welders and hold internationally recognised certification and installation teams are all time served and work within the international market.

Clear Environmental Energy Service have extensive experience in the maintinance and disposal of recoverd water within Arid Areas

CE Energy Services are a provider of transport and logistics solutions to Oil, Gas and Industrial Projects both Offshore and On Shore.

Through our centrally based offices at major offshore locations around Africa and Europe, we provide our clients with a large variety of services ranging from small courier shipments to project transports of complete oil rigs from one continent to another.

Including associated assets supplied by Service companies and hot shot of emergency spare parts.